International NGO "Legal Support of Foreigners in Ukraine"

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About Us

International Non-Governmental Organization “Legal Support of Foreigners in Ukraine” is a not-for-profit movement aimed at providing foreign individuals and organizations with legal aid and protection in Ukraine.

We believe that every foreign national who visits Ukraine, regardless of the purpose and duration of their stay, must be accorded fundamental legal rights and privileges no less favorable than those accorded to Ukrainian citizens.

Because membership fees and voluntary donations exclusively fund us, we are completely independent of any political, governmental, or social influence.

We understand how important it is for the nationals of other countries to feel safe in Ukraine.

Our NGO deals primarily with the cases when foreign nationals require legal assistance in Ukraine. Our multilingual activists are officially admitted to the Ukrainian Bar, well versed in Ukrainian law, and are ready to help members at any time, day or night.

Through the system of legal alerts we provide members with timely legal updates on matters of interest to foreigners.

Regardless of your status as a victim, an offender, homebuyer, possible migrant, or simply want to know more about your legal rights – please contact our specialists. Our lawyers will get back to you as soon as possible and provide answers to your questions.