Banana Land Campaign

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About Us

In conjunction w/ La Isla Foundation and The Affected Film Series we are launching the Banana Land Campaign. The campaign is a multidisciplinary movement that will:

1. Build a bridge between the families and individuals who consume bananas and those that have too often suffered to provide them. No longer will these events be abstract. This is about building a human connection.

2. Create a networking and education platform for concerned citizens, artists and socially active groups and institutions in the USA, EU and Latin America who are working for reform in the banana industry.

3. Ensure that pending cases regarding Dole and Chiquita payments to AUC paramilitaries in Colombia move forward in US courts.

4. Facilitate just and acceptable reparations to the communities and individuals affected by the financial support and outright murder Dole and Chiquita coordinated with the AUC paramilitaries. The AUC is considered to be a terrorist organization but the US State Department. Once the education and outreach campaign has gained critical mass we will begin infrastructure, medical, education and micro-loan programs through La Isla Foundation and local partners in the affected communities.

5. Organize a boycott of Dole and Chiquita Bananas while educating consumers as to why even organic variants produced by these companies are not a ethical option. The Boycott will be lifted when effective change is achieved.

Volunteers are needed to: 1. Get the word out. We need more people to join the Facebook page at:

2. Volunteer at the event on December 6, 2009.

Please contact me if this cause serves your passion and beliefs on Human Rights issues.