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About Us

Aid Evaluator aims to make it easy for people find the help and assistance they need. It further helps donors see, who works where, with what and it gives small NGOs the opportunity to look for potential partners or donors. The page is so far mainly Developed in Denmark and Rwanda but volunteers are starting to come in globally. The web-site works but it aims to add many more features if more volunteers will join and help develop best practice tool for both donors, people searching for assistance and those providing the assistance.

Oversight and insight about who works where and what they actually do, is necessary to improve aid everywhere. Improvement are most needed to avoid overlaps, corruption and to ensure that donors do not loose their will to give aid, due to bad experiences and poor performance of development organizations. Once mapping of all of the actors is done, priorities and strategies will be so much easier to make.

If you are an organization, please help by maintaining your own profile page, so people can search and find you. If you are not in an organization please help add organizations voluntarily in an area you are familiar with. The web-site rely completely on volunteers to write and maintain pages about topics they care about, or areas that they are familar with. Sign-up on our web-page to help or write if you would like to assist with further web-development.