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About Us

· Promote, develop & maintain up to educational vocational & occupational training system for youths. · Promote and develop demand oriented training to minimize the needs for expatriates & timely meet the demands for skilled labor for the economy. · Promote the socio-economic integration of disabled & disadvantaged youths into the development & training process. · Promote industrial job attachment and study tours for the trained labor force. · Promote innovation in the field of vocational training for youths. · Promote & undertake to create a national employment promotion fund. · Promote, establish & maintain an effective & up-to-date employment related vocational guidance & counseling system. · Promote the integration of disabled & disadvantaged youths into the socio-economic development process & their recognition as equal partners in development. · Promote young women integration in employment / facilities. · Promote the establishment of an efficient & effective co-ordination & collaboration between various government institutions & Non-Governmental organizations (NGO¾) for the promotion of youths. · Promote economic opportunities & financial assistance programs for youths particularly to take imitative in creating self-employment. · Protect the dignity of young women & men at work. · Promote & maintain a comprehensive social security system.