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Wildflower Schools are teacher-led and offer beautiful, child-centered learning environments that support children and families as they follow life’s unfolding journey. The

model brings to life the Montessori principles of collaboration, autonomy and the liberty for the teacher to truly model the impact their life’s work in the community through the creation of their very own schools-Montessori for adults. Wildflower schools combines time-tested, research-supported Montessori methods in one- room, neighborhood-nested shop fronts with promising new ideas in parent engagement, intentional student diversity, teacher empowerment, and data- driven instruction.

Wildflower aspires to give all children and families the opportunity to choose high quality, nurturing learning environments for their children.

Wildflower Schools are very small.

Schools typically have 2 teachers and 20-30 students, spanning a 3 year age range, starting with infant/toddler

programs that serve children from 12 weeks to 33 months old, and continuing through high school programs that serve 10th-12th graders. Research shows that very small schools engage students and teachers more completely.

Wildflower teachers are entrepreneurs.

In addition to teaching in the classroom, teachers also manage finance, marketing, and operations. Handling all facets of school is very empowering; it leads to inspiring leaders and conceptually consistent schools. The Wildflower Foundation provides resources and tools to streamline the school startup process and help teachers establish and run their dream schools.

Wildflower Schools are authentic Montessori programs.

Students choose what they work on, follow their interests, move at their own pace, and stick with topics until they’ve

mastered them, in prepared environments where teachers guide children through a structured curriculum that ensures they cover core concepts. Montessori integrates academic and socio-emotional objectives, and research demonstrates long- term positive impacts on both from even a few years of early exposure to a high-fidelity Montessori environment.

Wildflower Schools focus on diversity and community.

Wildflower ensures access by situating schools in a variety of settings—as stand-alone private schools offering

sliding scale tuition and accepting public child-care assistance vouchers, as clusters of one-room schools under a charter umbrella, as innovation schools hosted by districts and as private schools sponsored by other institutions. Wildflower selects locations that support diversity, and involves parents heavily in programming—through structured parent education, classroom involvement and heavy communication.

Wildflower Schools serve as lab schools for child-centered learning. To meet the need of the teachers in their detailed observation protocols to gauge student progress and maximize learning, Wildflower is integrating a technical data based sensor system. Sensors are embedded with the Montessori environment so that teachers can benefit from rich data on interactions between students, teachers, and materials and use them to shape their environments and inform their own strategies.

Wildflower Schools are blossoming like Wildflowers

Wildflower launched the first school in 2014. It has now grown to 15 schools in 5 communities in less than 4 years.

Four key elements support scaling: a franchise-style system for licensing and supporting new schools, a self- governing system of mutual accountability among schools to ensure quality, a much shorter timeline for preparing leaders than is necessary to replicate large schools, and a facilities model that uses widely available shop front space. Wildflower has grown in Massachusetts, Puerto Rico, Minnesota and is expanding to areas such as Colorado, California and will consider additional locations for 2018 and beyond.

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Wildflower Schools are teacher-led and offer beautiful, child-centered learning environments that support children and families as they follow life’s unfolding journey. The

model brings to life the Montessori principles of…

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