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Are you planning a trip to Europe?

Would you like to gain experience teaching English?

Do you want to be volunteers and help people to educate them in English?

Then Prague is your answer. Stop by and volunteer in beautiful Prague, the capital of the Czech Republic, in the heart of Europe.

We invite you for the first program in Czech Republic. We educate students in English in cooperation with volunteers. The entire program takes place in beautiful places in the Czech Republic, in selected hotels. If you want to see interesting places and meet with Czech culture, please just come and join us. You will see Czech Republic, our spa region or historical castles. This education program is for maximum 10-15 volunteers. During your stay you will get familiar with our culture, with our sights, just as it is, in our life.

Each course is for a week - from Sunday to Friday. You will be teaching English in one to one session, in group activities. The course is focuses on spoken English, more in informal approach. For us it is very important that students who are on the course, had all day only English directly from native speakers. The aim is to listen accent to develop normal communication and overcome shyness in speaking. During this time you can enjoy natural beauties and interesting historical places and taste great Czech cuisine and famous Czech beer. You will spend time with your new Czech friends and helping them to improve in English. We will ensure transportation from Prague to this hotels. Benefit for you is to see how Czech people live, just while you will spend some time with them. Everything what we need from you is to have a nice spoke English, have some patient with students and your reward will be in the end a good feeling when you see the progress in English of our/your students.

Nice Hotel accommodation is in classic double room for 2 person with free wi-fi, mostly with free wellness and spa and some historical experience. We also provide full board. And small budget on a bar for a drink. Way and way back from Prague to accommodation.