SADC Youth Movement, Chapter DR CONGO

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Chaire UNESCO (Faculty of Law)
University of Kinshasa
10557 Kin 1
Democratic Republic of the Congo

About Us

We are committed to create an environment in which centers of production such as factories, mines, farms and public service providers such as schools and hospitals are secure and safe, we intend to achieve through engagements of individual member states of SADC.

Campaign for government of all SADC member states to observe Human rights and Democratic Principle of transparence, Good Governance, Accountability an d Democracy and to uphold rule of law.

Engage SADC member states to commit themselves in creating a society in which food, basic education, shelter and clothing are available for all.

Strive through our campaign for youth oriented sustainable developments that seek an African wide Economy that will respond in job creation for all.

Establish Youth Brigades for involvement with local government’ structures in SADC region and mobilize for greater participation of African’ youth in sustainable development processes of Africa and SADC in particular.

We strive to be center for entrepreneurship development in the region.

Establish sustainable coalition on HIV/AIDS among all our members and member organizations.

Establish solidarity campaigns against Human rights violations and youth unemployment in the region.