Juvenile Diabetes Cure Alliance

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About Us

The JDCA is a new 501(c) (3) not-for-profit organization focused solely on facilitating the delivery of a practical cure for type 1 by 2025. The JDCA is unique among type 1-related organizations because we provide independent and objective research and analysis on several major type 1 charitable research foundations/organizations. As an independent information provider, we conduct proprietary research and report our findings and conclusions without bias toward any charitable foundation or research approach. We operate free of conflicts of interest and receive no compensation from the organizations discussed in our reports. The JDCA takes a business-like approach in our assessment of the prospects for developing a practical cure for type 1. The strategies and operations of the charitable research foundations/organizations we follow will be studied, analyzed, and commented on within the context of the potential to develop a practical cure by 2025.

The mission of the JDCA is to direct donor contributions to the research opportunities that provide the best chance of curing type 1 diabetes by the year 2025. A coalition of cure-minded donors can present a unified voice andwill have a greater impact on the charities than people voicing their opinions individually.The JDCA hopes to ultimately become the “Voice of the Donor for a Cure” and to leverage the impact of individual donors.