Green Futures Foundation

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Boca Raton

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About Us

The Green Futures Foundation is a non-profit organization that partners with local restaurants to recycle waste vegetable oil into clean burning biodiesel which reduces our dependence on foreign oil, creates domestic green jobs, strengthens national security, and helps save our environment. The proceeds from this fund-raising activity are used to fund scholarships for students interested in studying renewable energy, energy efficiency, and sustainable living topics.

The Foundation was established over growing concerns of current use of waste cooking oil products. The vast majority of the waste cooking oil that is collected by service providers goes to the chicken and animal feed markets. The waste cooking oil that is fed to chickens and other livestock contains harmful compounds and high levels of bacteria. Letting a low cost substitute for quality animal feed back in the human food chain is not responsible. The practice of using waste cooking oils for the use of animal feed has been outlawed in the European Union since 2004. Along with the potential human health concerns and the ability to utilize waste cooking oil products for the production of biodiesel fuel, the leadership developed a program to collect the waste cooking oil, sell it to biodiesel producers and pledge the proceeds to establish scholarships for post secondary students seeking careers in the renewable energy industry and related fields.