Kiwonnongo Foundation Inc and St Jerome Emilian Academy

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About Us

Kiwonnongo Foundation Inc ( KFI) is an NGO registered in Florida USA and in Uganda. It is responsible  for running St Jerome Emilian Academy, a Primary Level  school in Lunya, Kiboga District. This school is catering for less privileged children. KFI is also responsible for educating the youth and women economic empowering plans for the same community  and around Lunya, Lwamata  in Kiboga District.

KFI  was founded by a single family member born and raised in and around Lunya. She is now giving back to a community she loves best.

Lunya and  surrounding areas are devastated by high numbers of children, youth, and women who cannot read or write. The percentage of men is not as high. Despite that fact, women and children are the key financial  earners in most families. Illiteracy, death from preventable diseases and HIV have complicated  matters worse.

We are seeking for volunteers to teach  English to children in classes, ages ranging from 4 years and 18 years old.

Volunteers would also assist the NGO to educate youth and women for their economic growth since women and youth are the main supporters of many remote families. We are also seeking for individuals to assist solicit funds for infrastructures at St Jerome Emilian Academy. Visit for more information.