The Shanti Uganda Society

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About Us

The Shanti Uganda Society is a Canadian based charity and a fully registered non-governmental organization operating in Uganda, East Africa. Our mission is to improve the maternal and infant health, provide safe woman-centered care, and support the well-being of birthing mothers and women living with HIV/AIDS in Uganda. We are deeply committed to sustainable community based development and the yogic principles of self-less service.

In 2010, The Shanti Uganda Society opened a not-for-profit maternity clinic in one of the most vulnerable districts in the Central region of Uganda. The Shanti Uganda Maternity and Learning Centre is fully staffed by local Ugandans and offers antenatal care, delivery services, postnatal care, family planning, immunizations, HIV counseling and testing, adolescent health education, laboratory services, minor curatives for mothers and babies, and integrated community outreaches.

Additional projects include a Women's Income Generating Collective, a Teen Girls Health and Wellness program, and a Sustainable Community Garden.

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