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About Us

Recipe for Success Foundation is dedicated to combating childhood obesity by changing the way our children understand, appreciate and eat their food, and by educating and mobilizing the community to provide healthier diets for children.

We teach, inspire and empower healthy eating with our portfolio of program in Houston and nationwide. Now entering our second decade, we have developed a comprehensive experiential learning program that makes healthy food fun, we promote healthy eating with books, contests and public awareness campaigns, and we work to make affordable, healthy food available to everyone. 

Our signature programs include national initiatives like Seed-to-Plate Nutrition Education™ in schools, the VegOut! Challenge, farmers marKIDS DAYS and the Eat It! series of children's cookbooks. In Houston, we go a step further in helping parents provide healthy diets for their kids, by training US military veterans to grow fresh affordable produce for their neighbors at our 7-acre Hope Farms urban ag showcase in the Sunnyside neighborhood.

We envision a world where healthy eating is the norm and a culture where nutritious food is shared, appreciated, and celebrated.

WE OFFER PLENTY OF DELICIOUS WAYS for you to help us inspire and empower healthier lives

Whether you enjoy getting into the classroom to introduce kids to the magic of healthy food; want to roll up your sleeves building Hope Farms; love to keep things organized in the office; are an artist with a camera; love to tweet; or relish jumping in to help produce another delectable special event--we have just the job for you! #DoGoodHaveFun

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