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About Children’s Movement for Civic Awareness (CMCA)

CMCA is a 12 year old volunteer driven, civil society organization that conducts a national ‘civic club’ program in schools across India. This systematic and structured intervention is dedicated to moulding and nurturing active citizenship in children and youth across the country! CMCA seeks to sensitize children and youth to civic & democratic issues thereby improving quality & equality of life. Over the past year CMCA has reached 15,674 children in 6 cities and 16 villages through 289 schools and 365 civic clubs and 300 volunteers.

CMCA civic clubs – The heart of CMCA

A civic club is a group of students in each school, who join CMCA. A CMCA volunteer also called a civic tutor, is assigned to the club and interacts with the children on a weekly basis. Through experiential learning students are sensitised to democratic and civic issues that concern them as citizens. They then spread this awareness through campaigns and Acts of Active citizenship.