Pasadenans Organizing for Progress (POP!)

  • California


500 North Lake Avenue
United States

About Us

POP! – Pasadenans Organizing for Progress is a multi-issue community organization whose mission is to make Pasadena a more just, fair, and inclusive city.

Founded in 2016, POP! was formed by community activists who led the movement in the city of Pasadena to pass the $15/hour minimum wage ordinance. After achieving success in this campaign, the activists decided to expand their work for social justice change throughout Pasadena, focusing on a variety of priority issues, with a few major campaigns identified to-date.

POP’s! Priority Issues:

  • Worker rights (including minimum wage enforcement and wage theft reporting)
  • Immigrant rights and protections
  • Affordable housing and tenant rights
  • Police practices
  • Public education reform