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About Us

Mission Statement

We cultivate positive communication and develop fundamental understanding so that all people can be in productive relationship with each other. We do this through mediation, facilitation, training and restorative practices: Services that Encourage Effective Dialogue and Solutions.

Vision Statement

We see conflict as an opportunity for positive growth and transformation in our society. We envision a future in which all individuals and communities have the skills and capacity to engage in effective dialogue and promote peaceful resolution of issues and conflicts.

Statement of Core Values

Relationship: Fostering healthy relationships, communities, and institutional cultures rooted in dignity, respect, and self-determination.


Empowerment: Creating spaces and opportunities for volunteers, community members, teachers, students, and co-workers to develop, use, and share the capacity to transform conflicts and (re)build relationships.


Collaboration: Supporting participants in working together respectfully to address shared problems and to develop mutually agreeable and effective solutions.


Impartiality: Holding space in a manner that builds trust among all parties by recognizing the dignity, needs, and interests of all individuals and supporting participants in mediations, and facilitated processes to determine their own solutions and agreements.


Equity: Seeking justice, self-determination, and equal power and influence for all. Implementing our Mission in a way that disrupts systems of marginalization.


Inclusion: Striving to ensure that our staff, board, and volunteers reflect the diverse communities we serve. Developing programs, models, and competencies that help bridge cross-cultural and other differences.


Access: Designing our services to reduce barriers to participation and seeking to broaden our reach to underserved communities.


Community Mediation - GOT CONFLICT? Don't Stress, Don't Fight, Don't Litigate. MEDIATE.

SEEDS offers trained, neutral mediators to help you and others in conflict find constructive solutions that meet everyone's needs.


Could your groups and meetings be more participatory and productive? SEEDS will custom design a process to help your group, organization or community work more collaboratively and achieve goals and outcomes.


Would you like to improve your ability to communicate and problem-solve? SEEDS will help you or your organization cultivate your skills and capacity to manage conflict, communicate more effectively, and develop lasting solutions.

Restorative Justice

Through restorative processes, SEEDS helps to create caring communities in our courts, schools, and neighborhoods.


Don't know where to begin? Every call with SEEDS starts with an intake and consultation to explore how we might be able to assist you, your group or your organization.