North Brunswick First Aid & Rescue Squad

  • NJ


PO BOX 7043
(880 Ridgewood Ave.)
North Brunswick
United States

About Us

The North Brunswick First Aid & Rescue Squad, is an all Volunteer non profit group. We provide ambulance service to the residents of North Brunswick New Jersey, and surrounding area free of charge. Our Members are made up of personnel 16 years of age or older. Our Squad provides free training in First Aid, CPR & EMT. (emergency medical technician) Many of our Members have started the road to a new career as Volunteer EMT's, and have moved on to paying jobs at the same time in the EMS (emergency medical services) field. We allow any resident of New Jersey, or our nearby state boarders to join our Organization. Our Squad is quickly becoming one of the last few all volunteer EMS services in the area, and our ranks are swelling rapidly with those who choose to provide quality volunteer services to their neighbors.