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About Us

Medwiser is a grassroots movement devoted to stopping the spread of HIV in youth. HIV/AIDS is the biggest health challenge facing young people today. Medwiser will leverage the power of the internet and the energy of youth to wage an effective battle against HIV/AIDS.

One in two new infections of HIV/AIDS occurs in an individual under the age of 25. We aim to stop this trend by utilizing creative techniques and technology to make people aware of ways to live healthier and have a better quality of life. is the first example of how we are thinking outside of the box to fight HIV/AIDS.

The website, currently a work in progress that will serve as a forum for the movement to fight HIV/AIDS, is constructed in a non-traditional manner that aims to combine the social experience available online, with multimedia tools and the more traditional type of information that might be available from information based websites to fight HIV/AIDS.

Medwiser is made up of volunteers and we need your support. With your help we will introduce new ways that can help us to win this battle against HIV/AIDS.

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