In Other Words Feminist Community Center

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14 N. KIllingsworth
United States

About Us

In Other Words is a feminist community center that supports, enriches, & empowers communities through educational and cultural events, art and literature. The core values of In Other Words include:

  • The individual and collective leadership of women
  • Diversity of feminist perspectives
  • Education and empowerment
  • Social change through grassroots organizing
  • Connections between feminist struggles and other movements for justice
    & liberation

IOW is run by volunteers and supported by donors. IOW has been in serving the Portland community for over 17 years. We have three main lines of programming:

1. Explore Literature

The literature component seeks to make educational materials accessible to everyone, while promoting reading and learning and encouraging the dissemination of ideas (social justice, feminism, queer theory, etc.) There are three major aspects the literature component: Bookstore, Lending Library and Feminist Archives.

2. Foster Culture

This component of the project seeks to foster culture by supporting local artists, craftspeople, musicians, performers, and writers, particularly those from under-represented populations. We support them by providing the space to sell their art, wares, music, and zines. We also support them by providing a space for people to show off their art and abilities.

3. Cultivate Knowledge

This component seeks to cultivate knowledge by bringing community resources to life. A new resource-based programming series will be created that will include classes, workshops, and discussion groups started in conjunction with organizations in the community that specialize in providing particular kinds of information and resources. We will also provide tangible resources, a computer lab, and an online database on a variety of different topics, linking community members to information and organizations.

The work of In Other Words is accomplished through the collaboration of staff, board members, volunteers, donors and support from community members. The Interim Executive Director will work with all of these individuals to maintain a sustainable community center.