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About Us

BLOCKT is an independent cultural and social enterprise and a one stop shop for all things creative, focusing in particular on promoting and hosting artistic enterprise, and collaborating closely with the local community through training and cultural events. Over BLOCK T’s first six years, we have provided 95 studios to new artists, hosted street galleries and large exhibitions, and cultivated strong relationships with other arts organisations, local business associations, and academic institutions. Our activities have supported over 800 creative professionals, our internship programme has facilitated over 6,000 hours of mentorship, and we have acted as an incubator for creative businesses that have generated 400 project-based jobs and 50 permanent jobs over the last six years. We have held over 250 public events that have engaged with over 150,000 members of the community in Dublin.

In addition to these public-facing engagements, we have also provided unique and custom made educational courses through our “Skillsets” programme, which has educated members of our local community on diverse areas such as radio production, music recording and editing, machine sewing, animation, photography, drawing classes, and sculpture. This has benefited over 700 people over the last five years, allowing them to up-skill, change careers, or simply be creative.More information can be found here:!about/cee5