Nongre Crafts And Culture Foundation

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About Us

We are a community based social business enterprise and a charity foundation established in Ghana. We are based in northern Ghana and our town is Bolgatanga, located in the upper east region, near the Sahara country of Burkina Faso

Focus Areas

Selling of Arts and Crafts from Ghana

Drumming/ Dancing & Cultural Activities

Tourism and Hospitality services

Education and Youth Empowerment

Charity and Fund raising activities

 Climate change and the Environment

Our Mission

  • To sell traditional baskets and crafts from Ghana.


  • To bring about economic independence of women and youth after undergoing training.


  • To establish a sustainable livelihood for women and youth.


  • To Identify,harness and integrate indigenous cultural activities that are of economic benefits to the community.
  • To serve as a source of income generation for internal and external affair of the organization.