Burnside Neighborhood Association, Inc.

  • IL


9112 South Greenwood Avenue
United States

About Us

The Burnside Neighborhood Association, Inc. is a not-for-profit community-based, multi-faceted organization of 501(c)3 status, whose primary purpose is to improve the quality of life for all community residents living in the Burnside community. To do that the organization's members partners with local city, state, and county government, community residents, churches and businesses to develop high impact solutions to social and economic problems facing the community. BNA provides a unique opportunity through which community residents can address many neighborhood issues, such as youth employment, housing, economic development, safety, job training, educational, social, and recreational programs. To further our purposes BNA works to preserve the neighborhood and promote the welfare of its residents by supportive measures whenever the integrity and quality of life of the neighborhood is threatened. We believe that residents who live in a community are in the best position to identify, prioritize and carrout solutions to problems affecting them. We take a hands-on approach to running our organization, where the community resident's voice and opinions are important, welcome, and respected.