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About Us

Rebellious Truths is a new and creative nonprofit dedicated to illuminating the truth in America by exposing political and financial corruption, educating the populace on the real facts (especially economic) through artistic mediums, and galvanizing the youth to take massive action against the corrupt forces that are oppressing them and their futures. We stay away from social issues and are contributing to an ideological perception shift that neither party, Right or Left, represents the people and simply their own interests. We are attempting to wake up the public with some clean cool water about how corporate media is complicit in the problem, and that we need new mediums of information that extract the pure truth from the dirty underground. We don't believe in political or ideological labels as these tend to stifle the facts, potential positive and effective solutions to pervasive problems, and are a breeding ground for bitter partisanship. We utilize writing, video, photography, art, music, and audacious and aggressive (nonviolent) activism.

As mentioned, we are an intimate, fresh, passionate and innovative nonprofit (none like you've ever seen before) that is doing things differently. Although we have only been in existence a little over 4 months, our feature videos (which you can view on our website at have been featured on the YouTube HomePage, have garnered the #1 spot in Nonprofit and Activism, we have collected over 450,000 hits and over 20,000 Facebook friends at the time this is being written (and def growing). We are partnered/affiliated with many fascinating organizations that help us with our research and creative implementation, and we travel all across the country to spread our message and grow our organization.

Why the name "Rebellious Truths?" Because the status quo in America is a well-oiled lie machine, perpetuated by various interconnected institutions and interests that are serving to oppress and disenfranchise the majority of the people, especially the youth. Therefore, to be rebellious in this day and age means to believe in the truth, to believe in the positive progression of a human agenda, and to recognize that we need nonviolent rebellion in all its forms to help fight the status quo. <br /><br />We hope you heed our call and join us. We'd love to have you with us!