Kewal Nirmal Kalsi Salutary Trust

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About Us

K.N.K.S Trust is a secular non-political, non-governmental, non-profitable registered charitable trust formed by a group professionally qualified social workers, having interest and commitment to serve the people of different religions and language and specially the one who are in need. The vision is “To eradicate any social equalities or social in justice. We pledge to support the weaker section of the society who are tortured and exploited every day. For these weaker sections like women children’s and aged peoples we want to be the source of light of justice and stability.

The KNKS Trust has a plan to work for the development of exploited section of society and through its different wings it targets to eradicate social evils like corruption and social injustice. We not only aim to provide them justice but also want to make them self-reliant which can establish them in the society as a dignified person through our empowerment program.

We started our Domestic Violence Information Cell ( ) project in 2005. We are service providers appointed by the Government of Assam for the protection of Women from Domestic Violence under the Protection of Women from Domestic Violence Act, 2005. We provide them free legal support, shelter and child care. We make sure that the cases filed has a positive legal outcome.

This year we also launched our new project Revolutioners Rising targeting the youth to eradicate corruption from our society. (

We’re also soon starting a Family Counselling Centre here in north East India and we want to save marriages as much as possible instead to breaking it. If the counselling doesn’t work than we’ll go for the legal option because we have realised that the ego issues plays a vital role in most of the cases.

This year under our Revolutioners Rising project we’ve also started an Art competition amongst the students across all major schools in Guwahati. (

Objectives of 3rd Sight Students Art Competition: BRING YOUR IDEA TO LIGHT

The Main objective of this drawing competition is to create awareness in the changing environment of the world. Discover and display the hidden talents of our children. Motivate the budding artists to blossom in the field of Art; to create awareness among the young generation about corruption and social injustice; and to provide an opportunity to the young to observe and respond to the specific issues concerning women and girls on the theme of violence against women