Young Professionals Accelerating the Cure (YPAC)

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About Us

Young Professionals Accelerating the Cure (YPAC) is a Boston-based board of directors that serves as an event-planning offshoot of the parent MS-research organization, Accelerated Cure Project for Multiple Sclerosis.

We are a small group of young professionals who operate on a volunteer basis to plan fund-raising events that are engaging to others of our age group. While we do aim to educate others about Multiple Sclerosis and the efforts being put into finding a cure, our primary objective is to create a brand identity for YPAC that is defined by well-organized, enjoyable events.

YPAC was founded in the Spring of 2009 and is actively recruiting new members. No experience with or knowledge of Multiple Sclerosis is required, though certainly we encourage a willingness to learn. Our board meets every few weeks at a member's residence in the Boston area, where we eat pizza and brainstorm ideas.

The benefit of joining YPAC, beyond learning about and helping a great cause, is career-development. YPAC is an excellent opportunity to get hands-on experience with fund-raising, promoting, advertising, coordinating and facilitating charitable events. It's experience that looks great on any resume, and is personally-gratifying as well. To learn more about how you can get involved, email Theresa at