The Olive Branch for Children

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About Us

The Olive Branch for Children was founded in 2005 by Deborah McCracken. Our main objective is to help remote communities in Tanzania assess their primary needs and establish programs that target the most vulnerable.


  • To help the most vulnerable individuals and communities become empowered through community-specific and community-led programming.
  • To reduce the impact of the HIV epidemic through a multi-faceted approach; prevention, care, education and empowerment.
  • To support vulnerable children in their efforts to regain their health and to pursue their academic goals.
  • To reduce the injustice in the world by ensuring that the most vulnerable communities receive access to their basic needs and rights, including access to lifesaving medications, and to lobby on their behalf for greater equality in the future.
  • To develop new ideas that can be used by The Olive Branch for Children and other organizations and communities in their efforts to develop and change nations like Tanzania.


Our grassroots programs focus on HIV/AIDS prevention and care, early childhood education, food security and vulnerable children and women. The Olive Branch for Children uses donor dollars to invest directly in programming and maintains very low administrative costs.