Foundation Minadores de Sueños

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About Us

The foundation was created at the end of the year 2003. It aims at promoting the integral development of children and teenagers in needs from the community “Rancho los Pinos” through viable and alternative projects. We solicit the involvement of parents, community and institutions to contribute to a good practices system to strengthen the social and family structure.

Why “Minadores de sueños” – dreams miners-?" The miners are excluded for the society. These people live, work and fight at the margin of the society struggling for their survival with the city leftovers.

“To us, they are people with dreams and hopes, the dreams are a fundamental part of the human beings, we mine dreams that help us to build up an image of a life with dignity, we have dreams that give us hope, dreams that make us fight for better days. To mine dreams is to invite everyone to do things with love.”

The people that are part of the foundation strive to create a space where the children can live up to their creativity and dreams. We create conviviality with dignity, respect solidarity and trust. We encourage reasonable competition and social relations between the kids which are therefore fortified. With timely interventions we want to strengthen family unity and therefore to prevent family abandonment, school dropouts and taking to the streets. To reach initial prevention, with the children, we discuss and reflect over themes such as violence, drugs and exploitation as well as the human rights. One of the goals of the foundation is to reach self-management and co-responsibility with the community. This means that in each and every activity, the inhabitants get involved and do their share. As such we prevent passivity that people take for granted due to their situation of poverty. Enhancing the material resources and physical spaces that exist in the community to realise the projects is also one of the main aim of the members of the foundation.