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About Us

Founded in early 2007, Running Start grew out of the non-partisan Women Under Forty Political Action Committee (WUFPAC), which financially supports young women running for federal office. Running Start was formed when it became clear that the pool of young women considering careers in politics and running for elected office was far too small. Young women and girls need to be educated about politics earlier in life if the make-up of the political leaders in our country is to transform. We must instill in the next generation that public service is admirable and achievable. Running Start provides young women and girls with the skills and confidence they need to become the political leaders of tomorrow.

Running Start supports the young women who will shape tomorrow’s world. We aim to plant the seed of interest in politics so that they will run earlier, climb higher through leadership, and share more in the decision making power of their country. These young women will bring in new ideas to help solve old problems, and will raise issues unique to their lives that have otherwise been overlooked in politics.