ACC Center for Community-Based & Nonprofit Organizations

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About Us

The Center for Community-Based & Nonprofit Organizations at Austin Community College assists community-based and nonprofit organizations to be more effective by helping strengthen their organizational capacity.

The Center promotes professional and volunteer leadership learning through its learning opportunities/ workshops, publications, web site, resource libraries, comprehensive database of nonprofits, electronic forum, partnerships and other services.

All Center services are customer-oriented, based on identified needs, available resources and the counsel of the Center’s Advisory Council.

Center learning opportunities are competency-based, focusing on clarifying individual and organizational roles, responsibilities and expectations, Emphasis is on the individual staff or volunteer’s role to be as effective as s/he can be. The Center provides organizational and personal growth tools, in addition to opportunities for networking, comparing services/ benchmarking and collaborating with others within the nonprofit community.

Creative and strategic thinking is emphasized in all Center operations so as to strengthen nonprofit practitioners’ own sense of mission and their ability to be effective change agents in environments where there are scarce financial and other resources.