Society of Young Inklings

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About Us

At Society of Young Inklings, our mission is to inspire young authors to unleash the power of their unique stories. We do this in three ways.

  • First, we develop and implement play-based writing curriculum and resources. We believe that learning sticks when learners approach their tasks playfully. Research shows that visual and playful materials help enhance learning retention. Games also allow learners to approach their tasks using a variety of learning styles. Our creative writing classes, workshops, and one-on-one mentorship programs are now offered throughout the Peninsula, Illinois, Minnesota, and Colorado.
  • Second, we encourage a collaborative, supportive online community that provides young writers and adult writers alike with the opportunity and motivation to develop their skill. Online resources include an interactive clubhouse, free teaching resources, a blog, and a monthly activity letter featuring exclusive author interviews, writing challenges, and opportunities to submit stories to be published online.
  • Third, because we know all writers need acknowledgment and encouragement, we provide publishing and public reading opportunities. Publishing programs for young writers include the yearly Inklings anthology, the Inklings Book and the Your Name in Ink novel publishing program. We believe that real-life publishing program allows young writers to claim and develop their identity as authors.