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About Us

Titagya Schools is a social enterprise dedicated to providing new early educational possibilities in Northern Ghana. We build and operate pre-schools and kindergartens and will administer a scholarship program for students in the region.

One aspect that distinguishes us from other organizations is our strong local leadership supported by an international network that stretches from Ghana to Denmark to the US. In addition, we provide high quality services at a relatively low cost in order to use all additional resources to scale up and serve more children. Also, we are committed to transparency, both with regard to finances for our supporters and the public and in terms of operations. Our schools are accompanied by Parent Teacher Associations so that the local community has a mechanism through which it can generate feedback and suggest improvements.

To put our work in context, there is a tremendous dearth of early education in Africa and particularly in very rural areas such as Northern Ghana. For instance, the closest pre-school or kindergarten to Dalun is a half-hour, bone-jarring bus ride away. Evidence demonstrates that early education significantly increases the chances that children will succeed throughout their educational careers. President Barack Obama has asserted this point and has made universal pre-school a key pillar of his educational policy.

We believe that every child is entitled to begin life on a strong educational footing and are committed to working towards this by creating such opportunities throughout Northern Ghana.