KINDERGARTEN: Virtual Artists' Collective in New York

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New York

United States

About Us

Kindergarten is a not-for-profit artist based group. Here, participants can learn from, share with, and support each other while fulfilling their artistic dreams. Kindergarten intends to propose works exhibitions while offering a nurturing environment for its participants. It hopes to function as an artistic cradle and classroom for the future.

Artist Aegi Park conceived the project in early 2008 and a growing number of artists are participating in its development. However, without participating artists, it would not have been possible to launch “Kindergarten.”

The informal artists’ group project creates its own community with which to propose significant exhibitions at non-profit art organizations, and other art supporting venues, in the New York metropolitan area. As more and more artists participate, the project will be able to deliver fresher perspectives and worthier exhibitions by New York artists than are currently available. Whereas today’s art community can be controlled by it’s exclusivity and commercialism, Kindergarten hopes to refresh the New York art scene. It’s goal is not only to give back to the artists and thus the art itself, but it is a grass root effort by artists themselves to re-examine what art is and what it means to be an artist in society right now!