Bon Secours Baltimore Foundation

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About Us

Bon Secours Baltimore Health System Foundation is a non-profit subsidiary of the Baltimore Health System and supports the mission of Bon Secours to bring compassion to health care and to be Good Help to Those in Need®. Each year, Bon Secours Baltimore Foundation serves more than 7,700 patients at one of its five locations, a large number of whom are not covered by insurance.

Bon Secours supplements the health system’s comprehensive services by conducting programs in the following areas: 

  • Developing and managing safe and affordable housing (Providing housing assistance)
  • Initiating and supporting neighborhood development and revitalization efforts
  • Job readiness and job training
  • GED classes and tutoring
  • Money management workshops, including how to obtain financial assistance, cash checking, and tax preparation
  • Health care education

In all of its activities, the Foundation develops enduring community partnerships marked by collaboration, a comprehensive approach to community development, and the ability to leverage additional resources – financial and programmatic – for the community. Building on the community’s existing assets, the Foundation believes that true community change is only possible when it is grounded in resident-led program planning, implementation and evaluation.