The End of Life Liberty Project

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About Us

The End of Life Liberty Project is a think tank and effective social change agent focused on protecting and expanding the rights of terminally ill patients. It conceives, develops, and implements bold, creative advocacy to promote changes in law and policy that lead to improvements in end of life care and expanding the autonomy of terminally ill patients. The ELLP’s goal:  to empower terminally ill patients with information and options, enabling each to make the journey through their illness in a manner most consistent with their preferences, values and beliefs. The ELLP is lead by the nation’s leading advocate for end of life liberty, Kathryn Tucker. The ELLP was founded in 2015 as a program within the Disability Rights Legal Center (DRLC), the nation’s oldest disability advocacy organization, during the tenure of Kathryn Tucker as DRLC’s Executive Director.   DRLC’s launch of the ELLP makes clear that commitment to disability rights and end of life liberty can be reconciled. The ELLP is uniquely positioned to educate the public, professionals and policy makers about this, and to move the nation forward in the social change movement to expand end-of-life liberty.

Tucker became ED of DRLC after a record of success in leading the advocacy work of another non-profit, Compassion & Choices, for two decades. Tucker’s work to protect and expand the rights of the terminally ill has put her at the forefront of nearly every advocacy effort in this arena in the United States since 1990.

The ELLP is guided by an outstanding team of advisors comprised of the nation’s leading practitioners, educators, and clinicians from the fields of law, medicine and health policy with special expertise in protecting and expanding the rights of the terminally ill.