Little Orphan Animals, Inc.

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About Us

Little Orphan Animals, Inc. is working to ensure the best-possible quality of life for companion animals everywhere. We teach and advocate ethical stewardship, ending pet overpopulation, promoting adoption to find forever homes for neglected, displaced and homeless pets. Information, counseling and troubleshooting on animal health and welfare issues is available nationwide. We coach on physical, mental and environmental wellness, spay/neuter options, nutrition, alternative medicine, behavior management, and hospice--all topics vital to the humane and loving care of our pets. We network with private parties, retailers, shelters, foster homes, pet transport services, law enforcement and others to facilitate coordination of services including pre- and post-adoption home checks, coordinating pet-transport services, researching alternative interventions. We are run strictly by volunteers; 100% of donations are used for the care and benefit of animals!