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About Us


What is it? an NGO based in New Delhi and working in the field of education, basing his philosophy on sustainable development and human rights declaration. With U.S. support of "Make Your Knowledge contagious," the NGOs tend to provide quality education in rural areas and suburbs, making learning something contagious and fasciniting


Primary education is obligatory and free in India to 14 years, school enrollment is on the rise in recent years (it was 96.5% in 2010). However, the difficulty of access (especially for those who are living in slums or isolated villages) and the poverty of the family, means that many children work instead of going to school and can not really access to primary education . Besides, if education is free, the poorest families can not provide the material (books, books, clothes) and school support needed for a real learning. Finally, if the enrollment rate is quite good in India, is noted as the annual report of the Indian state of education, a decline in skills and knowledge of students: primary school attendance improved, but not in quality of teaching.

What do they do?

The overall goal is create an educational system (primary school at the moment) quality and affordable to all. In this system, promote values such as human rights, respect for nature and local culture will be assessed (Ayurveda, Yoga, local crafts etc ...). Also a special place will be reserved to make artistics o manual activies for a greater personal development of children. Through these activities, the NGO will have to make known something pleasant and "contagious" as a professional and personal power. Apart from teaching, will provide drinking water and food for school students for free.

The first school

The NGO is starting his activities in the largest suburbs of New Delhi where they opened in late May its first school with 20 students and an Indian professor. Besides offering families a school closer to their homes, the organization will support them financially so they won’t need to send children to work .They will also support the children for studying or doing homework (what parents in the suburbs can not always do, as a matter of time or knowledge), and considerate the reality of the suburb for teaching children, If the school has already built a kitchen, still need funds to provide food and clean water to the new students. The NGO expects to offer this basic service next month. For now, school is being taught only the basic subjects, but in June, will benefit from volunteer to do manual and artistic activities with volunteers.

Self-financing and attached draft

In India, I’ is very difficult to benefit from any state aid for NGOs. Waiting for that to change, we have several self-management strategies. These become part of the project, along the lines of sustainability and respect for human rights in which Pete thinks.

One of them consists of taking a small group of people, Indian or foreign, to know the reality of life in the largest suburb of New Delhi BABA FARID PURI (more than 1 million people live there). This activity also allows slum dwellers, if they wish, interact with foreigners, with diferents cultures, and show them his daily life. The aim of the proposal is not "visit", nor make poverty a "tourist tour" but go to meet people to exchange experiences with them, taking a tea and chatting. The walk in the suburbs is much more than a walk, but an exchange, and a first step towards awareness, and who knows, a first step towards a volunteer ? Finally the Minimum contribution of 200 rupees (2.50 euros) per person will provide funds for NGOs.

The role of women We propose to the women of the suburbs and towns that do not work, make crafts to be sold at the headquarters and in different stores in order to support the project, in India or abroad. Some of the benefits will preserve the NGOs. But a fixed price will be reserved for women (currently per product, and in the near future will have a monthly salary), taking a salary, no longer need to send children to work to support the family, with which these can go to school. Besides, this activity will enable women to take a more active role in their families, assessing their capabilities. For now, the proposed PETE products are: - postal - incense - candles - keychains - Boxes for tea - Spices

Book Exchange

In a hostel In a "Backpackers" Area of New Dehli (Situated a organic Bakery called Brown Bread Bakery), was installed as second-hand books store: travelers who pass by can leave two books instead of one, or make a contribution of 150 rupees (2.20EUR )


To raise funds, we are placing over 100 money boxes of donations in India (80), and abroad (20). Thanks to that store, we can put one more, knowing that the cause he defends Pete is actually all.

As being new we need volunteers who can go to shopping malls,Party places.Chemists,Doctors Etc to backup NGO on long term basis to run By setting up the donation boxes in their places.This will be a fun volunteering job meeting and interacting people from different levels everyday.

We Need Volunteers Specialize in Making Documentaries/Short Movies With their own Equipment's to make a Short Movie About We are Doing And Our Vision. The documentary Will Be Shown Every night Before Movie Show


National Capital Territory of Delhi

Type of work

Teaching, Help with Computers / internet, Other, Art project, Language practise, Charity work, Helping with Tourists, Help in the house, Help with Eco project, General Maintenance, Cooking / shopping, Building


Teaching Kids in Slums Homestay with Family Teaching English Helping with Slum Walks Helping with Street Walks Helping with Foodies Walks

Managing Our Exchange Bookstore In Famous Backpackers Area Managing Our Merchandise Store In Famous Backpackers Area. Managing Our Donation Box For Collecting used Clothes,Books.Pencils Everything Except Undergarments AND Perrisable Food Items.

We Need Volunteers Specialize in Making Documentaries/Short Movies With their own Equipment's to make a Short Movie About We are Doing And Our Vision. The documentary Will Be Shown Every night Before Movie. We need Volunteers worked earlier in Eco project to Advice us How to Use Build our New School Ecological We Recommend Volunteers Coming to us for More than Three week to Enroll for a Mediation Course In Mountains For 5 Days To Enhance Personality.

Languages spoken

Russian,English,Hindi,Sanskrit and punjabi


We at Moment can provide accommodation in Family or if you want your own privacy then can suggest you a hotel near to our workplace.

What else ...

We knew after hard working volunteers stress out that's why every weekend we try to put a potluck meet where other travelers too joins to exchange thoughts and ideas.As our c.e.o owns his own entertainment co. too he gets invites from decent clubs every weekend (with unlimited drinks on house) And invite will be distributed among hardworking result orientated volunteers