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423 S 4th Ave
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About Us

Groundcover News, a 501(c)(3) organization, was founded in 2010 as a means to empower low-income persons to make the transitions from homeless to housed, and from jobless to employed. 

The basic structure is that trained and certified vendors buy the papers from the Groundcover News Organization for 25 cents, and then sell the paper for a suggested donation of $1. In addition to the direct financial support that this provides for our vendors, selling Groundcover also develops skills that people can use to transition to other employment opportunities, while it educates the community at large about the struggles the poor face daily.

Our mission is to promote opportunities for our vendors to earn income and develop work skills, but also to help share the stories and experience of people facing these hard times that are actively working to change their situation. By supporting Groundcover, customers not only provide financial support for folks who really need it, but also get to interact in a way that helps change the social perceptions of poverty in our community.