Bronx Global Learning Institute for Girls, the Shirley Rodriguez Remeneski School

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About Us

Bronx Global Learning Institute for Girls (“BGLIG,” pronounced Big League) will provide an exceptional education to young girls through dual language instruction in a technology-rich environment, while building on cultural heritage to foster leadership characteristics and strong values, promote self-confidence and create global leaders. Through highly motivated and accomplished teachers, our students will receive a standards-based, research-proven, technology-infused curriculum focusing on core subjects that will create a strong foundation for life-long learning. Our intellectually challenging curriculum, enriched by a cultural perspective, a focus on successful women leaders, and a dual language program, will promote excellence in all areas: cognitive, social, emotional, and moral. A single-sex environment coupled with a rigorous instructional program ensures that each student is able to disengage from traditional social pressures and focus on personal development and academic achievement.

Academic Excellence + Multi-Language + Cultural Heritage = Global Competitive Edge

Bronx Global Learning Institute for Girls Charter School, The Shirley Rodriguez-Remeneski School (BGLIG), is a dual language charter school in the Bronx. BGLIG is composed of a K-5 Elementary School and a 6-8 Middle School. Each school has its own dedicated principal. Each implements an exemplary curriculum, which is differentiated, while focused on the development and growth of the girls as a whole.

 We are committed to teaching linguistically diverse children in both English and Spanish through child-centered methods.  BGLIG offers opportunities for consistent professional development for our teachers and teaching assistants at the school.