Intercultural Odysseys Costa Rica

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APDO 10578-1000
San Ramón
Costa Rica

About Us

Intercultural ODYSSEYS Costa Rica is a Civic, Social and non-governmental organization (NGO) founded by Royce Clay Slape Seiger.

Because the time you dedicate to your art is precious, the ODYSSEYS one-of-a-kind Artist Residency offers unique work and living space in a carefully selected Home Stay with a local host family, most meals included. Each artist is chosen by a rigorous committee-selection process, and our artist-in-residence program is open to writers, composers, visual artists and artists in all other disciplines, emerging or established, from anywhere in the world. Applications accepted year-round and up to one year in advance.

Attend a workshop or other special event hosted by ODYSSEYS Costa Rica, or better yet, be paid to facilitate one--combining a unique cultural experience with a serious pursuit of your passion.