The West Hill School

  • Pennsylvania


1455 West Hill Road
Bryn Mawr
United States

About Us

The West Hill School is a non-profit independent preschool that serves children from ages 2 years 7 months through pre-school. The school has been at its current location for 51 years and was built as a preschool. Our mission states that we offer pre-school age children a safe and nurturing environment that encourages a life-long celebration of learning. Through our rich and varied curriculum, balanced with play and multi sensory academic instruction, the children explore and satisfy their curiosities while developing their cognitive, social/emotional and physical skills. Children experience and practice the self-regulation skills of careful listening and focus and attention that promote school readiness. Through activities that reinforce the development of empathy and emotion management, children learn to build friendships and successful interpersonal relationships. It is our goal that each child progresses to kindergarten with the tools to achieve a balanced education that promotes self-confidence, joy of discovery, pride in accomplishment and respect for differences in our school, our community and our world.