Hand in Hand Baltimore, Inc

  • Maryland


3812 Edmondson Avenue
United States

About Us


To reduce the number of children and youth who will interact with the juvenile justice system, lower juvenile delinquency rates, and decrease juvenile recidivism rates among youth charged as adults.

Program Description

Hand in Hand, Baltimore is a non-profit organization focused on providing individually tailored, trauma-informed, and evidenced-based mental health services to the residents of Maryland, with a specific focus on Baltimore City residents. The organization consists of four programs. Each program is designed to provide the youth and their families with partnerships to create new opportunities for themselves, their families, and their communities.

Program Components

  • Liberia Program: 3- year mental health program provided to and specifically developed for juveniles charged as adults that incorporates tools to develop a positive ethnic identity, provides access to employment connection services, educational services, mentoring, and college preparatory courses.
  • Impact: Multicultural Competency and Diversity training, seminars, and workshops for practitioners working with diverse populations.
  • Jegnaship Experience: Experiential learning component where graduates of the Liberia Program facilitate, led, and eventually manage the implementation of Hand in Hand villages in schools, afterschool programs, and prisons.
  • Just Right Event planning: An event planning company ran and managed by the Hand in Hand participants involved in the entrepreneur wing of Hand in Hand.