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About Us

REDEEM with God is an organization partnering with individuals, families and church groups, equipping missionaries to alter their worldviews by engaging in cultures outside of their own, locally as well as globally. Missionaries will be thoroughly trained in order to easily adapt to Kenyan culture. Serving with this organization not only offers the opportunity to make an impact in the lives of at risk children, but will open the door to a deeper connection to the heart of God through relationship-building!

REDEEM with Godembodies an appreciation of the arts in order to: Repurchase Every Daughter by Encouraging and Empowering Moments with God. Artistic expression is one medium in which we can worship the Lord. When we worship God, we magnify Him above the negativity in our lives. With the emotional, physical, verbal abuse and neglect many of these Kenyan girls have experienced, they are in need of an outlet. It is our effort to teach the love of God so that girls might have a positive outlet and be prevented from pre-marital sex, addictions of pornography, drugs and alcohol and be protected from the modern day slave trade. It is through encouragement and empowerment that the girls will truly experience a redemption found in Jesus.