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About Us

At some point in our lives, we are all likely to be primary caregivers to a child, spouse, partner, parent or other family member, or to need care ourselves. We all hope we can care for our loved ones when they need us the most. Yet for many workers, especially those with the fewest resources, a new baby or seriously ill family member can spell financial ruin. Gaps in our laws leave too many families on the brink. It doesn’t have to be this way. A Better Balance leverages the power of the law to ensure that no worker has to make the impossible choice between their job and their family.

A Better Balance works on the national and local level employing a wide range of strategies—legislative advocacy, litigation, grassroots organizing, research, and public education—to guarantee paid leave, advance LGBTQ rights, promote flexible workplace policies, end discrimination against pregnant workers and family caregivers, and guarantee fair pay.

Our efforts help people who work outside and inside the home achieve a better balance between providing for their families and caring for them. We believe that when all workers and caregivers have a fair shot in the workplace, our families, our communities, and our nation are healthier and stronger.