Sustainable Development For the Negev

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Dafna 4
Omer, Israel


About Us

Sustainable Development for the Negev (SDN) is a community-based , non-profit non-governmental organization (NGO), founded in 1998 to increase environmental awareness and protection, to encourage public participation in the development of the Negev region and to serve as a catalyst for Sustainable Development.

We aim to initiate, support and help the public in implementing activities to prevent environmental damage, rehabilitate damaged areas, and work to preserve the environment through education and discussion/negotiation between all relevant parties, including residents, local authorities and industry.

We encourage environmental planning and careful use of the natural resources in the Negev in conjunction with economic considerations.

Through multi-tiered programming, SDN has a proven track record of successful projects with the government, industry and local citizens in order to improve environmental conditions and awareness.

SDN has worked in a multitude of areas, including:

  • initiating massive public education and activist campaigns
  • initiating Community Action Panels (CAPs) with the chemical industry
  • producing education programs on all levels
  • working with the Bedouins on co-existing and environmental issues

SDN is registered as a participating organization in prevention of Desertification (United Nations) and is the founding member of the National Council for the Environment. We strive to develop sound economic ventures and at the same time preserving our natural resources and environment.