APEX Youth Center -Always Pursuing Excellence

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2019 Simon Bolivar Ave.
New Orleans
United States

About Us

APEX, Always Pursuing EXcellence, was founded with the goal and purpose of “Improving Lives Through Education, Technology and The Arts”. We believe our goals are best met by serving not only the adult population of our parish, but starting our children on the path to their future.

The APEX is a different type of community and youth center. We provide not only structured activities, mentoring and tutoring, but will do so within a context of preparing our children to be productive and community-minded adults. Our ultimate objective is to create cycles of creativity and accountability, therefore reducing cycles of poverty, crime, illiteracy and neglect.

Volunteers circulate and facilitate positive social interaction, teaching the necessary verbal and non-verbal communication skills to resolve conflict and develop relationships. Many volunteers provide homework help, tutoring, and job training while the cente offers computer access, non-violent video games, a pool table and indoor and outdoor team sports to allow the kids to experience real-life encounters in a safe and structured environment. The creative arts along with supplies are abundant and opportunistic - APEX even has a musical stage and an open mic!

The over-riding theme is “Reconciliation, Never Retaliation”. Conflicts are often resolved with a game of pool, a football game, or a dance off.APEX uses sports and the arts, both visual and performing, to help reach the young people of New Orleans and teach them any thing from safe non violent conflict resolution to healthy self expression.


During the summer months APEX runs a summer camp/vacation bible school that is available to children in the community. Older members of the after-school program often work as junior counselors or counselors depending on their age. This provides a safe and supervised place for local children as well as offers responsibility and job experience to other members of the community.

If you are interested in volunteering for a summer position, please keep in mind that this is a Christian camp. We do not require members, attendees or counselors to be Christian and when assessing applications, we do not take religious affliation into account for filling these positions.