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About Us

Future Generations Surpass is a start up not for profit organization whose exclusive purpose is to provide development and discovery after school programs to high school youth.

We are a critical resource for today’s youth offering new perspectives of learning never before seen. We deliver the latest trends of four fundamental elements of life; finance and business, health and fitness, education, and development. We provide the impacts, as well as new discoveries that help students understand and prepare for a world that is constantly evolving.

Of 4 million high school students, an estimated 1.2 million (1/3) will fail to graduate in 2012. It currently takes an average of six years to complete a bachelor’s degree, and the average student loan debt exceeds $30,000.

No one wants to be labeled a high school dropout, or have to decide on a major for college without ever experiencing firsthand what the career associated with it entails, nor do they want to accumulate a student loan debt that may take a lifetime to repay.

Future Generations Surpass provides high school youth with the support and guidance they need to reach the next level, firsthand career assignment with businesses, and the development of pertinent interpersonal skills.

We will help over 1 million students tackle the intimidating process of transitioning from high school to college or entrepreneurship and eventually into the workforce.

We will uncover each student’s individual niche and establish a path they can take to surpass their future professional goals.

Empowering young people to make a positive transformation in their lives. Help us Make an Impact on our Future Generations!