Assured Family Services

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About Us

Assured Family Services (AFS) “is the source of accurate information and competent recommendations that identify the unique needs of referred youth and families in Wayne County, and enable community organizations to restore successful living, increase healthy development and promote safer communities”. Our new business cards identify this mission as “successful living, healthy development, and safer communities.” In that respect, as we engage each person those goals become our focus for outcomes and the methods we use in service provision. 

Our Mission is our guide and constant measurement of our service impact and outcome. Each action, service, modification and communication is made with the intent to better serve each individual client, youth and family. 

Service Delivery Principles and Requirements

AFS maintains a clinically sound environment with a professional, multi-disciplinary approach toward delivering quality services to children and families in the community, as well as to its multiple service delivery stakeholders. AFS provides orientation, trains and ensures that all staff are well educated and value the following areas of expertise and best practice: 

  • Juvenile Justice, Community Mental Health and Child Welfare Best Practices
  • Health Care Awareness and Coordination with Other Providers
  • Person/Family-Centered Planning and Treatment
  • Cultural Competency Awareness
  • Accommodation of Individuals with Impairments or Limited English Proficiency
  • Youth, Family and Community Well-Being
  • Recovery Enhancing Environments
  • Recipient Rights
  • Prevention and Reporting of Sentinel Events and Critical Incidents

Juvenile Justice and Child Welfare

Juvenile Justice and Child Welfare programs exist in order to prevent and diminish child abuse, provide rehabilitation, promote recovery, support family success, promote community safety, protect youth and encourage family stability. AFS services are provided to juveniles and families and our competent findings are shared with our colleagues to improve the overall quality of service and care and to promote safe and healthy communities. AFS services include:

  • Liaison to the Court, Wayne County Health, Veterans and Community Wellness (WC-HVCW) Juvenile Services Division, Care Management Organizations (CMOs), Prevention Providers, and Detention Providers
  • Partner with DHHS to assure timely and quality services that meet the expectation of the Court and needs of Child Welfare children and families
  • Timely Data Entry and Registration
  • Utilization Monitoring, Review and Analysis
  • Assessment
  • Early and comprehensive, fitting the individual needs identified
  • Access to Community Mental Health Serious Emotional Disturbances (SED) Eligibility
  • Prevention and Diversion from Adjudication
  • Evidence-Based and Best Practice Treatment for Children and Adults
  • In-Home
  • Office-Based
  • Specialized Populations
  • Reintegration Support for Juveniles Returning to the Community
  • Specialized Trauma Focused Cognitive Behavioral Treatment (TF-CBT)
  • Family and Youth Treatment
  • Substance Abuse Treatment of Adolescents
  • Outcome Measurement
  • Data Analysis
  • Research Based Reports and Analysis
  • Training and Educational Supports