Community Forests International

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About Us

Community Forests International is a grassroots organization that believes that communities can work to make their own change. The organization started in Pemba, Tanzania where it helped spur a rural tree-planting movement that has since seen over 1800 rural villagers plant over a million trees for fruit, timber and conservation. The organzation no focuses on climate change adaptation in East Africa and has delivered projects in rainwater harvesting, rural clean energy, agroforestry, kitchen gardens, permaculture and improved cookstove production.

In addition to working abroad, Community Forests International also works in Canada, where they opperate on a 600 acre organic farm and forest. Canadian projects include a popular workshop series that works to promote sustainable living and climate change adaptation.

The organization's mission is to “To foster environmental stewardship internationally by establishing community forests, promoting sustainable forestry techniques and initiating environmental education.”