The Cancer Research Foundation

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About Us

The Cancer Research Foundation's mission is to raise funds to fund early-career cancer scientists and new directions in cancer science research with the goal of contributing to "Transformational Events" in the prevention, treatment and cure for cancer.

Throughout its history the Cancer Research Foundation has made a point of taking relatively "long-shot" bets with relatively small amounts of grant money, leveraging the collective knowledge and experience of the Foundation, its allies and its past grantees, to make grants that increase scientific knowledge more than an average grant of the same size. We view ourselves as "cancer research venture capitalists," making early investments in researchers and ideas that are often difficult to fund through more traditional sources.

The Cancer Research Foundation does not exist to have its name inscribed on laboratory buildings or complex pieces of machinery. Our investments are in the ideas, thoughts and minds of the researchers we fund, and our ultimate goal is that when the world is celebrating the scientist who has finally unraveled a key to stopping this terrible disease, when that person steps to the podium, he or she credits the Cancer Research Foundation with providing support when no other funds were available.

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