Main Street Martial Arts

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1282 North Main Street
United States

About Us

Agency Description

Main Street Martial Arts is a non-profit organization committed to dojo life: practice of martial arts and community service. The practice of martial arts is a challenging, historic, and, certainly, fun means of maintaining or regaining a healthy body and mind. Our relationship to community service makes this dojo affordable and accessible to everyone who seeks membership.

Contact Us

Main Street Martial Arts 1282 North Main Street Providence, Rhode Island 02904 401.274.7672

The disciplines we offer

  • Aikido -adults, families, and exclusively women and girls’ programs
  • Shotokan Karate-adults, teens, children and families programs
  • Zen Studies-open to all
  • New England Go Academy-open to all
  • ITF Tae Kwon Do-open to all
  • Visual Arts-open to all
  • Muso Jiki-Den Eishin Ryu Iaijutsu-adults’ program (16 and up)
  • Aikijujitsu-adults’ program (16 and up)
  • And much more coming this fall!

Join Us!

  • Volunteers: admin, child care, teacher assist, outreach, maintenance …
  • Program Proposals:We welcome proposals from independent contractors for unique martial arts and cultural programs. We provide the space; you promote your program, with ample support from MSMA. We are especially interested in hearing from: Practitioners of global versions of martial arts; Traditional, folk dancers; Musicians: Traditional, folk, creative; Multi-lingual people.