Women's Education, Development, Productivity, and Research Organization

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About Us

WeDpro is a nonprofit collective in the Philippines that works in the area of human rights by defending the rights of women, children, youth and their communities through gender responsive development programs. Founded in 1989, WeDpro build partnerships with government institutions, civil society organizations and the private sector.

In partnership with ActionAid International, we are leading a program (http://PadayonSaPaglaum.com) that provides relief and support for over 3,500 families in the Philippines who were affected by Typhoon Haiyan in 2013. We use human rights-based and community-driven approaches to work with local partners in delivering the aid and support that is needed. While our work includes basic relief items, such as food and non-food items, we’ll be concentrating on long-term recovery, restoring lives and livelihoods and policy advocacy. We also focus on working with women and girls and the most vulnerable communities - in particular fishing communities, small farmers, sharecroppers and tenant farmers. Our aim is to also strengthen community participation in the relief process so that local people are able to take leadership, enhancing the overall standard of living in their local areas.